About us

We are a national company producer and marketer of fruit, with sweetener and without sweetener, in trays, juice, pulp, wine and derivatives of the transformation of the Isabella Grape. We are located in Ginebra, center of Valle del Cauca and southwestern Colombia.


Being the leading company in the production of juices, pulps and other derivatives of the transformation of the Isabella grape and other fruits belonging to our region, offering high quality products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Achieve the maximum profit and sustainable growth of our company, increasing the opportunities for the development of human talent, innovating technologically, making reasonable use of natural resources, conserving the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of Valle del Cauca and Colombia.


In the year 2025 we want to be recognized as the innovative company that will provide the widest portfolio of products from the Isabella Grape cultivated in Valle del Cauca.